Why this blog… ?

I was thinking about starting a blog for several months already. Why ? Because inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is still unrecognized today and I do not find it normal that no one talks about it. Because when I was diagnosed in 2013, I would have liked to find more information in French. Because I do not find it normal that there is as little information available in French about IBC. Because there is more information in English. Because not everyone reads English even if I have the chance to read it. Because I always liked to share my knowledge. Because when I was diagnosed in 2013, I would have liked to find more information.

It is also to be able to reach more people than only those I meet and make them aware about IBC by discussing and handing out a leaflet. In addition, I was becoming increasingly aware of the limitations inherent in using Facebook to publish information on the subject.

A meaning to her life

I believe that rising awareness about inflammatory breast cancer is part of what gives a meaning to my life that has been turned upside down since July 2013 even if I do not have all the listening that I would like to have. I would like to talk about my story and give information on inflammatory breast cancer: what it is, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, after cancer, return to work, etc. I would also add links to resources on both inflammatory breast cancer and related topics that may be of interest to other patients: lymphedema, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cerebral fog, and so on. In addition to the information, there might be tips and tricks to try to better manage it all. I’m not closed to anything yet.

Once I told you why I want to do this blog and what I want to talk about, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter and start talking about inflammatory breast cancer.


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