Follow-up – Anxiety, glaucoma diagnosis and post-cancer control

A follow-up of my significant medical appointments and the way I feel. Since the beginning of the year, I experienced a lot of anxiety and even became obsessed, which led to increased pain and required medication adjustments. Appointment in ophthalmology: diagnosis of glaucoma. Good news during my follow-up in oncology.

After checking, I realize that it’s been a long time since I gave you my news. Except for my article about the 4th anniversary of my diagnosis in July. So let’s go…

In May and June, I attended a workshop titled Chronic Pain Self-Management Program. Since I intend to talk to you about it again, I do not dwell more on it.


For my part, the year 2017 is placed under the sign of anxiety. Do not worry, it is nothing that directly affects me or my health. It’s more about problems with people I love and these issues impact me. It is not easy when we do not have control and it is not up to us to act. I still had an even more intense period from May to July when I became obsessed with the situation. So much so that in June, my family doctor had to adjust my medication up. With the time and the support of my various self-help and/or support groups, my psychologist and my family doctor, I feel better now, even if I can not say that I am serene.

In September, I feel better enough to allow my family doctor to lower the dose of one of my medications… It is because since July 2016, we suspect this drug to increase my anxiety instead of helping to relieve it. This can happen, especially at high doses. That’s my case. Since I feel even better since the change one and a half months ago, my family doctor has decreased the dose again last Thursday. If I still feel good, I will continue at this dosage.

Ophthalmology appointment

In August, an ophthalmologist diagnosed me with open-angle glaucoma in both eyes. The exams indicate that my field of vision is already worse on the left side. The cause? In my case, it’s heredity. My two parents have or have had glaucoma. So I have to put a drop in every eye at bedtime. Since the drop causes dryness and/or irritation in me, I must also shed artificial tears. I have my first follow-up appointment on Monday.

Oncology follow-up

I had my oncology follow-up on Thursday. The exam is normal. I did not worry but it’s still feel safe to be confirmed that everything is fine. I am still NED more than 3 and a half years after the double mastectomy!

Miscellaneous news

My family doctor wants to see me again only in January. It’s good news!

This year, I have relatively regular appointments at the pain clinic. Except once last winter but I was sick the day of my appointment… A chance that I also receive massages because I felt the peak of anxiety increase my level of pain.

Recently, I floated on a cloud for the first time in years. This will not give the results I hoped for but it means that I am still able to feel this way. It’s so good and reassuring to live it. Above all, it gives me hope to live it again.


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