Various policies related to this blog : blog type, who is responsible and about what, what this blog is or not, how to use this blog as safely as possible, limits, funding sources, links to other websites and visitors comments. Comment moderation process and what is approved, rejected or removed.

This is a personal blog. It represents my views and opinions and not those of any other individual or organization. The content presented reflects my thinking at the time of publication. On the other hand, I am not responsible for the content of comments left by my readers. This blog is written in French first and then in English from Quebec, Canada. Please note that English is my second language.

The information published on this blog is provided “as is” for general information and without any guarantee. They should not be considered as medical advice to be used for self-diagnosis and should not be considered as a substitute for regular consultations with qualified health professionals who are familiar with your personal medical history and your needs. A visit to this blog is not a substitute for a medical consultation, but I encourage you to talk about your findings to a healthcare professional who can help you find out if this may apply to you or not and why.

Disclosure of funding sources

This is a personal blog that does not receive any funding from third parties.

Links to other websites

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Comment Policy

The author of a commentary must provide his or her name and email address. The name is visible to all visitors but I am the only one to see the e-mail address provided. It is not necessary to be registered and logged in to WordPress to leave a comment.

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