Cancer during the Holiday Season

The poinsettia illuminates the end of year holiday seasonSince snowy images and publications related to Christmas seem trendy these days and we are just over 5 weeks away from Christmas…

Being sick? It’s annoying. Being sick at the end of the year celebrations? It can be very unpleasant. Spending several hours in hospital for treatment on December 24th and/or December 31st can be very annoying… It is what happened to me in 2013. 🙁

Marika Audet-Lapointe, onco-psychologist, addresses herself to people living with cancer as well as their relatives (family, friends, acquaintances) and caregivers so that everyone can enjoy a minimum this time of year despite the constraints that may be imposed by the disease and/or the treatments. The title of the text is translated as follows: “Living with Cancer during the Holiday Season: Suggestions for Cultivating Life”.

Suitable for all

Although the text is written for cancer, I believe that people living with other health problems can apply the majority of the advices. In fact, in some cases even healthy people could benefit. Who wouldn’t benefit from specifying what he/she likes? To develop adaptability? To take better care of oneself? Express your needs and/or emotions? To celebrate with balance? Planning more?


Marika Audet-Lapointe. Vivre avec le cancer durant le temps des fêtes : suggestions pour cultiver la vie. Retrieved at (in French).


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