Blogging, a new start…

After several weeks of reflection, I announce that I’m moving my blog. The new address is All articles and comments written to date are transferred. However, you must subscribe again if you wish to be notified by e-mail when there is a new article.

I chose to move my blog because I want to have full control on several aspects. It was not possible without this change. The first version allowed me to test my interest in blogging as well as check if there is a need and interest in what I want to talk about.

Please note the name change. The blog is now called Living with inflammatory breast cancer instead of Did you know? Inflammatory breast cancer. I take the opportunity to transform it. I sincerely hope that the end result will please you. If you notice any problems, I would be thankful if you could warn me.

For now, the new version of the blog is still only French, but addition of a variant written in English is in preparation. Do not worry, I have no intention of stopping writing in French. It’s just that I have contacts who speak French or English only and some who speak both languages. All these people want to read my blog. Some even use machine translation to read me. Even if my English is not perfect, the end result should not be worse than a computer translation. Eventually, all content will be bilingual French / English. Except the comments of course…


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